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In 2015, a group of dedicated individuals came together to create an event to foster a vibrant, healthy, and responsive community of, for, and by our transgender and gender-expansive population, those who love them, and those who support them. This became the first Community Conference.

Since that time, professionals have requested a space of their own to ask questions and gain a broader understanding of the needs of those people who identify as transgender/gender-expansive. The Translife Professional Symposium was created to equip, empower, and connect these professionals. This symposium is an opportunity to bring together medical, mental/behavioral health, legal, government, and educational professionals to learn about the unique needs, challenges, and cultural competencies necessary to provide sensitive and appropriate care to the transgender/gender-expansive community.

Translife Professional Symposium Poster

Translife Professional Symposium
Saturday, August 3, 2024

We are extremely excited to announce the date of our next symposium! The Translife Professional Symposium will take place on Saturday, August 3, 2024 at Finley Community Center in Santa Rosa, CA. This event is for medical, mental/behavioral health, legal, government, religious, and educational professionals. It is an ally event.

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Workshops are held by a variety of professionals and content experts from Kaiser Permanente, the National Center for Lesbian Rights, No Bully®, the San Francisco Department of Public Health, local support groups, and trans-inclusive private practices. They provide a solid foundation in the areas of cultural competency, practical tools to working with the transgender/gender-expansive population, and resource access, as well as advancements in the mental health, medical, educational, and legal fields.

Past workshops have included:

  • Meeting the needs of trans youth in the school environment
  • Blowing up the binary, understanding the non-binary spectrum
  • Providing wrap around care for gender confirmation surgery
  • How to talk about sex with your clients from a sex-positive perspective
  • Trans perspectives: what trans people want you to know
  • Legal name, gender change, and affirming legal representation of transgender clients
  • Gender expansive teens with DSM-5 diagnosis
  • Ending bullying in a binary age
  • Healthcare 101: accessing care and overcoming barriers for transgender clients
  • Transgender medicine Q&A
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